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The Cape Cod Joint Transportation Committee (CCJTC) is the transportation planning advisory group that reviews, discusses, and votes on recommendations to the Cape Cod Metropolitan Planning Organization. 

The Cape Cod Commission's CCJTC-related work includes:

CCJTC Bicycle Representative Search

The Cape Cod Commission is now seeking a new bicycle representative to the Cape Cod Joint Transportation Committee.  The CCJTC serves as an advisory committee to the Cape Cod Metropolitan Planning Organization, a regional body established by federal law to oversee regional transportation planning and recommend the distribution of transportation funds locally. The Bicycle Representative position is open to a year-round Barnstable County resident who has a regional interest to improve the multi-modal transportation network on Cape Cod. Ideal candidates are passionate about bicycling, involved in a local bicycle committee, or have a related professional background. 

LINK: Additional information and how to apply for CCJTC Bicycle Representative 


  • Dan Santos
  • George Sala
  • Patrick Ellis
  • Thomas Temple
    Vice Chair
  • Thomas Andrade
  • Silvio Genao
  • Ray Jack
  • Lincoln Hooper
  • Catherine Laurent
  • Tom Daley
  • Rich Waldo
  • Paul S. Tilton, PE
  • Jarrod Cabral
  • Mark Vincent
  • Jeff Colby
  • Edward S. Gross
    Bicycle Representative
  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Cape Cod Commission Board Appointee

Project Resources

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246K pdf
Feb 11, 2019
01-19-17 Approved Minutes
staff to perform a Road Safety Audit at the intersection of Route 6A and Mary Dunn Rd in Barnstable by Patrick Ellis, 2 nd by George Sala, the vote was passed unanimously
247K pdf
Mar 19, 2019
02-08-19 APPROVED Minutes
Upon a motion to approve the DRAFT Minutes of the January 11, 2019 meeting by Patrick Ellis, 2 nd by George Sala the vote was passed unanimously
180K pdf
Oct 02, 2019
06-14-19 DRAFT CCJTC Minutes
The CCJTC may vote whether to accept this slate of officers for the positions of Chairman and ViceChairman for the term beginning July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020
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