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Cape Cod Commission completes wayfinding plan for the Town of Orleans

Improving navigation for residents and visitors 

Cape Cod Commission staff have completed a Wayfinding Plan for the Town of Orleans. 

Wayfinding is a system of visual cues such as signs, landscaping, and pavement markings that help people orient themselves and navigate from place to place. 

A well-designed system reflects community identity and supports local economic development while directing people to key destinations and spaces. 

The Town of Orleans requested technical assistance from the Cape Cod Commission to develop a wayfinding plan for the downtown area to help unify the town’s wayfinding signage in hopes of improving navigation for residents and visitors. Cape Cod Commission staff have worked with the town to create a concise, consistent, and efficient information system to guide people to community destinations and attractions while reflecting and maintaining the character of Orleans.  

This effort builds on previous studies the Commission prepared for the town, including a 2011 Streetscape Plan, which the Orleans Board of Selectmen adopted, and a 2018 Parking and Circulation Study.  

The plan was developed through a robust public process that included site visits, an inventory of current signage, several public meetings, and a pair of public surveys. It includes recommendations for how to improve physical wayfinding elements such as signage or pavement treatments and provides a framework for future signage, including new signs, consolidation of signs, and removal of signs. A detailed implementation manual serves as a guide for best practices for the installation, removal, and consolidation of signage.  

The plan is now complete, and town staff will review and coordinate implementation. Visit to view the plan and learn more about the project. 

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