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Start Date: 2020

The Cape Cod Commission worked with the Orleans Planning Board to develop a wayfinding plan for downtown Orleans that will point pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists to key destinations. The purpose of the plan is to facilitate improved movement downtown for all modes of travel and to help the town highlight its special character and features. The plan includes wayfinding recommendations for both traditional signage as well as possible non-traditional types and technological options. In the Spring of 2020, Cape Cod Commission staff completed an inventory of existing signage and presented it to the Orleans Planning Board during a virtual meeting. Two public surveys during the fall and early winter have helped get input on what people believe is important for wayfinding in the Orleans downtown area and will help shape the wayfinding plan. 

Orleans Wayfinding Plan

Public Input

Public input is an important piece of plan development. The public was able to share thoughts and ideas by taking a first Orleans Wayfinding Public Survey, which ran through October 1. Based on the feedback from that survey, further public feedback was sought through a second public survey, which ran through December 20, focused more on the potential design of the wayfinding system.  

Project Resources

39M pdf
Nov 18, 2021
Final Orleans Wayfinding Plan
Orleans Wayfinding Plan NOVEMBER 2021…Orleans Wayfinding Plan CONTENTS Introduction…
14M pdf
Apr 29, 2020
TO: George Meservey, Orleans Town Planner … As part of the Orleans Signage/Wayfinding Plan project, Cape Cod Commission (Commission) staff has completed a draft survey of existing …
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