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WatershedMVP is a map-based scenario planning tool that allows the user to investigate water quality management strategies at scales ranging from the neighborhood to the sub region. The application is for professionals, municipal officials and community members to assist in creating the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to Cape Cod’s water quality problem. The application is an informational resource intended to provide regional estimates of nitrogen loads for planning purposes. It presents parcelbased data and calculations for nitrogen loading that allow the user to quickly select and evaluate water quality management strategies by providing comparative nitrogen removal and cost analyses.   

Scenarios in watershedMVP can be saved and used by in other decision-support applications, such as the Scenario Assessmet (SAM) or the Financial Impact Model (FIM). SAM allows for scenario comparison based on criteria other than cost. Criteria include those related to community values, such as jobs, and those related to technology confidence, such as life span. FIM provides a breakdown of financial strategies available to pay for scenario implementation. It helps estimate financing for the proposed strategies and estimates affordability for the average household.  



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