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The Barnstable County Ocean Management Planning District of Critical Planning Concern (DCPC) was an effort to plan for development in Cape Cod's ocean waters. Initiated in December 2009, the Ocean DCPC brought together decision makers from each of the Cape’s 15 towns to discuss and recommend policies for the management of sand and gravel mining, cable and pipeline installation, and construction of renewable energy in the Cape’s ocean environment. Following a year long process of recognizing and understanding the natural and cultural resource and human use values of the planning area, a Policy Committee recommended the development of implementing regulations for the district, including but not limited to determining the appropriate scale for renewable energy projects in the Cape’s ocean waters.

The Ocean DCPC process engaged policy makers, natural resource and cultural resource experts, renewable energy specialists, and the community in discussing and determining the nature and scale of potential development activities in the ocean. One of the Policy Committee’s recommendations was the preparation of the Cape Cod Ocean Management Plan, which includes an inventory of existing resources and uses, recommended regulatory changes, and management considerations.

Ocean DCPC Policy Committee Final Recommendations

Sand & Gravel Mining  

Cable & Pipeline Installations

Offshore Wind Energy Facilities

Proposed Implementing Regulations for the Ocean Management Planning DCPC

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Reference Materials

Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan


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May 23, 2019
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Jul 19, 2010
Microsoft Word - FinalOceanDCPCOrdinance.doc BARNSTABLE COUNTY In the Year Two Thousand and Ten Ordinance No. 10-03 To establish a District of Critical Planning Concern pursuant to…
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