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Commission staff supports Cape communities through regional and local planning efforts and technical assistance. The Commission assists with project design and implementation, seeks out funding and supports requests for projects with merit, and coordinates projects involving multiple stakeholders related to coastal and marine resources. Some projects include:

Resilient Cape Cod

The Cape Cod Commission and partners were awarded a NOAA coastal resiliency grant to explore and advance coastal resiliency planning and awareness on Cape Cod. 

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness planning

Commission staff is assisting five communities with MVP planning to identify climate-related threats, vulnerabilities, and priority actions. 

Multi-hazard Mitigation Planning

Commission staff has assisted most Cape communities with the preparation of FEMA-approved MHM plans. 

Cape Cod Ocean Management Plan (CCOMP) 

Commission staff coordinated the technical and planning support for the region-wide CCOMP which examines resources, activities, and uses in Cape Cod’s ocean waters. 

Cape Cod Atlas of Tidally Restricted Salt Marshes

An inventory of culvert locations and conditions which restrict tidal flow to salt marshes. 

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