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Start Date: 2020
Completion Date: 2021

The Cape Rail Study, led by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and assisted by a consultant team, will evaluate the potential for extending year-round passenger rail to Cape Cod with connections to the communities of Middleborough and Wareham.

The Advisory Group, including representation from the Town of Bourne and other key regional and local stakeholders, will provide input throughout the study process. Input from the Advisory Group meeting will be important in establishing the framework for the study. Following the meeting, MassDOT and the consultant team will estimate potential ridership as well as capital and operating costs associated with alternatives developed through the process. Outcomes will be reviewed and discussed at a second Advisory Group meeting.

Advisory Group Meeting 1 - November 19, 2020

The first Advisory Group meeting for the Cape Rail Study was held on Thursday, November 19, 2020 to discuss the context for the study, to describe existing conditions, and to develop the purpose, need, and potential alternatives for the analysis. Below are links to a copy of the meeting presentation, meeting notes, and a recording of the meeting. 

Alternatives Framework

Feedback received through the Advisory Group meeting on November 19, 2020 provided context for the project team to establish an alternatives framework. This framework, detailed in in the document provided below, identifies goals and objectives, proposed service alternatives, and a framework for results.

Advisory Group Meeting 2 - Spring 2021

MassDOT and the consultant team are in the process of conducting analysis described in the alternatives framework. Outcomes will be reviewed and discussed at the second Advisory Group meeting. A date has not yet been set for this meeting.


Project Resources

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Cape Rail Study AG Meeting 1 Summary (2020-11-19)
J. Froman, Town of Bourne Select Board Chair, gave a brief welcome thanking everyone for participating in the discussionMassDOT Cape Rail Study Page 3
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