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The Commission authorizes the use of subcommittees to gather facts and to make recommendations to the full Commission on any regulatory application submitted to the Commission. Subcommittees conduct public hearings and public meetings in the course of regulatory proceedings. Subcommittee members participate in an on-site visit to ensure that they have a first hand perspective of the site and proposed project. Unless otherwise authorized by the Commission, subcommittees shall make a formal recommendation to the full Commission, which is the ultimate decision-making authority. 

For more information about Cape Cod Commission board subcommittees, please review the Subcommittee Procedures (revised January 2013). 



  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Tom Wilson
    CPR Chair
  • Jackie Etsten
  • John Harris
    Minority Representative
  • Harold "Woody" Mitchell
  • Douglas Fromm


Project Resources

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10M pdf
Sep 12, 2023
2023-09-12 Excel Switching-MM2 Plans
Binder1.pdf Binder1.pdf Bone White Black trim metal Vintage wood redwood black trim metal ^^^ Canyon brick shale brown LEGEND: -Metal cladding = CANAM bone white -Facade = Vintage…
149K pdf
May 30, 2024
2024-01-25 Approved CPR Minutes
CPR Minutes 1/25/24 Mtg- Page 1 Minutes Committee on Planning and Regulation (CPR) Meeting January 25, 2024 The Chair, Tom Wilson called the CPR meeting to order on Thursday,
223K pdf
May 23, 2024
2024-05-30 CPR Agenda
NOTICE: To view the posting date/time and materials related to agenda items, please visit the Cape Cod Commission’s official posting location at
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