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October 2019 Regulatory Update

Herring River Restoration Project- Phase 1 (CCC File No. 08009)

Town of Wellfleet

The purpose of the project is to restore habitat in and re-establish tidal flow to certain areas within the 1,100 ac. +/- Herring River estuary and floodplain system.  The project received its final MEPA certificate on 7/15/16.  To date no DRI application has been filed with the Commission. The DRI public hearing period on the project was opened procedurally on 08/29/16; the period has since been extended four times and the current extension runs through April 2020. At its meeting on March 7, 2019, the Committee on Planning and Regulation (CPR) issued a written scope for DRI review of the project, specifically styled as “Phase 1.”   A DRI application is expected to be filed by November 2019.

AMP Energy Solar Project (CCC File No. 19015)

180 Cotuit Road, Sandwich 

The Commission received a mandatory DRI referral from the Sandwich Building Commissioner on May 15, 2019 for a large-scale, ground-mounted solar array on an approximately 18-acre vacant parcel.  The DRI hearing period was opened for procedural purposes in July 2019. No substantive DRI hearing has yet been scheduled for the project.  The Applicant has withdrawn the Project from permitting but is expected to re-file in short order.

Tractor Supply (CCC File No. 19020)

Bearse’s & Pitcher’s Ways, Hyannis

The Commission received a mandatory DRI referral from the Town of Barnstable Site Plan Review Committee on 8/26/19 for the proposed development of a Tractor Supply retail store on an approximately 2.6-acre undeveloped parcel.  A Subcommittee held the first DRI public hearing on the project 10/23/19.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution- New Quissett Facility (CCC File No. 19022)

360 Woods Hole Road, Falmouth (Woods Hole)

The Commission received a mandatory DRI referral from Thomas Bott, Town Planner, on behalf of the Town of Falmouth Planning Department on 8/30/19 for additional development at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Quissett Campus. The proposed development includes construction of a new multi-story building, equipment testing/storage area, and associated site improvements on an approximately 4.1-acre previously undeveloped portion of the Campus. WHOI has submitted a DRI application which is currently under review by Commission staff.  A DRI subcommittee held a public hearing on the project 10/7/19 in Falmouth, and continued the hearing to November 14, 2019 where the full Commission may take up a draft decision for the Project.

Former Excel Switching Corporate Campus- Facilities Project (CCC File No. 08020)

75 Perseverance Way, Hyannis

The owner/ applicant has applied to the Commission to extend the effective period of the DRI/ Hardship Exemption decision for the property to January 2025; the decision is set to expire January 2020.  The Decision approved the construction of two office buildings and related site improvements, which have yet to be commenced. The CPR approved the requested five-year extension at its meeting on September 19, 2019.

Proposed Building Demolition- The Hyannisport Club (CCC File No. 19023)

2 Irving Avenue, Hyannisport

The Barnstable Historical Commission (BHC), through the Town Manager, submitted a Limited Discretionary Referral to the Commission requesting DRI review under the RPP issue area of Cultural Heritage in regard to the proposed demolition of a building on the golf course property.  The Commission accepted the Discretionary Referral for DRI review at its meeting on September 19, 2019.  No DRI application has been submitted.

Cape Cod Hospital- New Tower Addition (CCC File No. 19024)

Park Street, Hyannis

The Commission received a mandatory DRI referral from the Barnstable Building Commissioner on September 11, 2019 for the Project.  The Project proposes a multi-story building addition to the southwest corner of the existing hospital building, with associated site improvements.  The addition will house, among other hospital uses, a new cancer center.  The DRI application is under review by Commission staff; no hearing has yet been scheduled on the Project.

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