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Local Climate Action Toolkit to support municipal climate planning

Government entities at all levels play a significant role in implementing strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapt to climate hazards. While the framework for climate action is set at the federal and state levels, it remains important for Cape Cod’s municipal and regional governments to pursue locally appropriate solutions. 

The Climate Actions Database, developed as part of the 2021 Cape Cod Climate Action Plan, identifies strategies and actions that governments, businesses, and individuals can take to help adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change across the region.  

To guide the implementation of these strategies and actions and to support municipal climate planning and action, the Commission has developed a Local Climate Action Toolkit.  This toolkit provides information on specific actions municipalities can take to decrease local contributions to, and limit the effects of, climate change. The toolkit also provides important resources and context to support municipalities in prioritizing planning and implementation efforts.  

The Commission contracted with Eastern Research Group to produce fact sheets for 15 municipally-oriented strategies. Fact sheets include an overview of the strategy, anticipated benefits and costs, key findings, benefit cost analyses (where applicable), the current state of practice, a case study, steps or key considerations for successful implementation, and resources for further guidance.  

The toolkit includes resources for strategies related to net zero building, municipal electric vehicles (EVs) and residential EV adoption, supporting coastal wetlands, and improving infrastructure resilience, among others.  

Learn more and explore the toolkit by visiting: 

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