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How many crashes occur each year on Cape Cod? 

From 2018 to 2020, there were 14,404 vehicle crashes reported on Cape Cod, 33 of which were fatal. 

Cape Cod Commission staff work on several transportation safety initiatives to reduce the number and severity of crashes. Studies, data collection, and analyses inform improvements for all modes of transportation.   

Where are Cape Cod’s high crash locations? 

Understanding where crashes happen is a key factor in making decisions about improvements.   As new data becomes available, Cape Cod Commission regularly updates a list of the top crash locations in the region. Information provided in the 2022 Barnstable County High Crash Locations Report serves as a resource to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The report includes an update to the Commission’s Top 50 crash locations list, using data from 2018-2020.  

Many locations included in the top 15 are slated for improvements in the coming years. Some locations have been improved since the latest data was collected. 

Cape Cod Commission staff will work with local and state partners to use this report to prioritize locations for future Road Safety Audits. This list will also serve as a resource for transportation safety professionals looking to make strategic investments to improve safety in the region. 

What’s happening in your neighborhood? 

If you’re curious about diving deeper into our region’s crash data, you can visit the interactive, online Cape Cod Crash Dashboard to zoom in to an area of interest to see the most recent crash data.  Data can be filtered by season, severity of crash, manner of collision, and other factors. The tool includes a list of the top 50 crash intersections. By visualizing data, the tool helps users gain insights about traffic safety and informs future transportation planning.  

What are the trends on Route 6? 

Busy Route 6 is Cape Cod’s only major highway. It has been the subject of several studies and analyses over the years. The Cape Cod Commission’s newly released Route 6 Safety Analysis Report examines the roadway from the Bourne/Wareham town line to Provincetown, looking at crash history, previous planning studies, and current, past, and future construction projects.  

This report will help the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and others prioritize potential improvement projects for Route 6. 

The safety analysis includes a review of crash history on the highway.  This review validates that, overall, crashes are trending downward and examines the severity of crashes to understand the conditions contributing to fatal and injury crashes. The Cape is striving for “Vision Zero” - no fatal or serious injury crashes on our roadway network. The summer influx of visitors creates unique challenges along Route 6, and speed continues to be a concern.  

Coming Soon: Before and After Safety Study 

Are the improvements working? That’s the big question following any transportation improvement: are changes translating into safer roadways? Cape Cod Commission staff is finalizing a “Before and After” safety study that examines results from Cape Cod Commission-endorsed safety projects. The report takes a look at crash data reported before and after improvements were made. Included are two intersections where the installation of roundabouts has significantly reduced the number and severity of crashes. The final report will be issued in November 22 and will be posted online at 

Up next: Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Study 

Coinciding with Nation Pedestrian Safety Month, Commission staff have begun a year-long study of pedestrian and bicyclist safety. The study will include and in-depth analysis of crashes that involved a pedestrian or bicyclist and analyze roadway locations, conditions, and severity of these incidents. 

If you have thoughts on areas where pedestrian or bicyclist safety issues exist, you are invited to share your thoughts online through this Public Comment Form or send an email to Comments will help inform the development of this plan. 

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