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District Local Technical Assistance awards provide planning support to Cape Cod towns 

Each year, the Cape Cod Commission receives funding through the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development to provide technical assistance to towns in our region. The District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) program helps municipalities with sustainable development and encourages partnerships to achieve planning and development goals that align with state and regional priorities.   

Over the years, funding has been used to support initiatives in housing and wastewater, study redevelopment options, and support local planning efforts. Nearly $200,000 is being awarded this year to support projects across the region. 

At the request of multiple communities, DLTA funds will support a region-wide project to develop a suite of model tools municipalities can use to address housing needs. This will include model mechanisms for municipal or regional government entities to obtain available properties for development or redevelopment as housing, year-round deed restrictions, and model zoning bylaws on topics such as inclusionary zoning and employee/dormitory housing, among other potential models.  The outcomes of this project will help support implementation of the Regional Housing Strategy and efforts across Cape Cod to increase the affordability and types of housing available, while maintaining the local character and protecting sensitive resources. The models will be able to be used or adapted by towns to suit their particular circumstances.    

In addition to funding this regional project, several towns are receiving DLTA funds to support local efforts. Mashpee is receiving $25,000 to support an update of its Housing Production Plan (HPP). Planning ahead for housing and growth, Mashpee intends to update the plan, adopted in 2015, to account for changing demographics, young families, a changing workforce, and an aging population, and to make room for potential zoning bylaw amendments that would allow for increased density and new housing opportunities.  

Orleans is receiving $40,000 to support development of its Local Comprehensive Plan to plan for the future. Using these funds, Orleans will engage a consultant to support a visioning process that will become the foundation of its new comprehensive plan.  

Wellfleet is receiving $25,000 to support development of its Local Comprehensive Plan, including identification of goals and objectives and completion of a targeted action plan. Wellfleet began work on its LCP in 2017 and had completed many tasks before work was halted in 2020 due to the pandemic.  

Bourne is receiving $10,000 to help the Town meet multifamily housing zoning requirements required as a small town MBTA-adjacent community. Through this grant, the Commission will provide technical assistance to develop and support community engagement on the potential zoning changes.  

Eastham is receiving $14,350 to develop several base and overlay zoning changes for the mixed-use North Eastham Corridor Special District (ECSD), with the goal of encouraging quality development and redevelopment projects that meet identified community needs for housing, economic opportunity, and infrastructure. The project will build on a variety of prior planning efforts in the town, adapting Eastham's municipal priorities and established community needs into specific zoning language that will assist the Town in achieving its strategic goals. 

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