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Start Date: 2019
Completion Date: 2019

The nominated district consists of approximately 43 acres of land located entirely within the Town of Harwich, Village of West Harwich, and contains those parcels in the existing Commercial Highway (CH-1) zoning district with frontage along State Highway/ Route 28 from the Dennis/Harwich town line (Division Street) to just west of the Herring River, with the exception of certain portions of parcels located at 93 Route 28, 97 Route 28, and 156 Riverside Drive that fall outside of said CH-1 district.

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Aug 20, 2020
2020.08.20 Letter to CCC re WHSD
dept/commission/team/member/Project Documents/West Harwich - DCPC/Reports/2020.08.20 Letter to CCC re WHSD .pdf … {BBCAB3B6-F863-44C2-A7A1-A5195B0E26E3},6
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Oct 24, 2019
2019.10.03 West Harwich DCPC Decision to accept Nomination
dept/commission/team/member/Project Documents/West Harwich - DCPC/Draft Decision/2019.10.03 West Harwich DCPC Decision to accept Nomination.pdf
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Sep 30, 2019
2019.10.03 West Harwich DCPC draft nomination decision
: 1. There is a need for special planning and regulations in the West Harwich DCPC that will preserve or maintain values and resources intended to be …
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