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Start Date: 2019
Completion Date: 2019
  • Project: The Hyannisport Club-Proposed Building Demolition
  • (CCC File No. 19023)
  • Location: 2 Irving Avenue, Hyannisport, MA 02647 (Assessors Map 266 Parcel 31)
  • Project Description: Proposed demolition of the circa 1750s “Marchant House” located on the grounds of The Hyannisport Club

Project Resources

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3M pdf
Sep 04, 2019
2019.09.04 Hyannisport Club Application
dept/commission/team/member/Project Documents/Hyannisport Club/Application_Materials/2019.09.04 Hyannisport Club Application.pdf … {E8242E06-727C-4C9E-9116-3CC7DDE231C2},9
269K pdf
Sep 11, 2019
2019-09-19 Hyannisport Club DR Staff Memo
As has been the case for decades, the Club operates on a single 155 acre +/- lot which contains the golf course and eight buildings (including the …
459K pdf
Sep 11, 2019
2009 Hyannisport Club DR staff report
The Town of Barnstable does not consider the Marchant House asingle-family dwelling,” which is defined in Section 240-128 of the Code of the Town …
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