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Start Date: 2016
Completion Date: 2016

National Grid, Mid-Cape Main Replacement #EX16010

Project Applicant:   Colonial Gas Company d/b/a National Grid
Project Location:   Towns of Yarmouth, Dennis, Harwich, and Brewster
Project Description: The Mid-Cape Main Replacement project involves construction of an 18.1-mile replacement main, which will be 12-inch-diameter with the exception of the first approximately 1,000 feet in Yarmouth that will be 20-inch-diameter. The replacement main will extend in and along existing roadway layouts in the towns of Yarmouth, Dennis, Harwich, and Brewster.

Physical project files are available for review at the Cape Cod Commission Office Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact the Front Desk for more information, 508-362-3828.

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72M pdf
Apr 25, 2016
20160426-Mid-Cape Main Replacement-DRI_Submittal
) 2.8 Consideration of Alternatives 2-33 2.9 Conclusion 2-38 3.1 Land Use/Growth Management 3-1 3.2 Economic Development 3-1 3.3 Water Resources 3
2M pdf
Apr 15, 2016
20160415-Mid-Cape Main Replacement-15445 SEIR
dept/commission/team/Website_Resources/ProjectFiles/NGRID-Mid-Cape-Main/20160415-Mid-Cape Main Replacement-15445 SEIR.pdf … {92E23736-A9F2-495F-8624-1899F56177E4},4
199K pdf
May 24, 2016
20160520-Mid Cape Main replacement-Final draft DRI EX decision
The westernmost 0.2 miles of the Project (from the current Regulator Station #3920 in South Yarmouth to the existing 12-inchMiddle Segment” main …
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