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The Demolition Delay Network page is designed to advertise historic buildings that are threatened with demolition and subject to demolition delay bylaws in the hopes of identifying a preservation-minded buyer or other alternative to the loss of the building. The following entries are presented in the order they were placed on the Demolition Delay Network site, the most recent additions at the top.



9 Sandwich Road, Bourne9 Sandwich Road, Bourne
Demolition Delay began:  May 10, 2022
Demolition Delay expires:  May 10, 2023

The Keene House, built circa 1690, is an early and intact example of the Full Cape building form, with later additions extending to the rear. It is one of Bourne's earliest inventoried historic structures and is believed to have been moved to its current site from across the street in the mid-19th century.

Contact: Carl Georgeson, Chair, Bourne Historical Commission,


Barnstable (Centerville)

43 Bacon Lane, Centerville43 Bacon Lane, Centerville
Demolition Delay began: July 20, 2021
Demolition Delay expires: January 20, 2023
Circa 1925 Full Cape style house with center chimney and roof dormers.  Building includes 1,480 square feet, plus 20' x 14' screen porch and 12' x 12' year-round sunroom.  One-car detached garage of approximately same vintage.

Contact:  Jack D'Ambrosia, 781-710-7870,



380 Wings Neck Road
Demolition Delay began: August 24, 2021
Demolition Delay expires: August 24, 2022
Demolition Delay lifted: February 8, 2022

Description:  The William and Marion Muller House, "Wenaumet," was designed by William Proctor of Arlington, MA in the Colonial Revival style and was built in 1925-26.  The house and garage are included in the State's MACRIS database as part of the Wings Neck Area.  

Contact:  Carl Georgeson, Chair, Bourne Historical Commission,



24 Salt Pond Road, Chatham24 Salt Pond Road
Demolition Delay began: November 17, 2020
Demolition Delay expires: May 16, 2021

Circa 1908 cottage, 1.25-story, wood-frame, 4-bedrooms, with typical Bungalow features -- a hipped roof, projecting eaves, wood shingle siding, and simple architectural trim. A narrow brick chimney rises from the southwest roof slope. Cottage is available at no cost to be moved offsite at the expense of an interested party. Move details subject to an agreement with the owner.

Link to historic inventory form here

Contact:  Ford & Ford Attorneys at Law, 72 Main Street, PO Box 485, West Harwich, MA 02671.



Eastham 60 Dyer Prince Road, Demolition Delay60 Dyer Prince Road
Demolition Delay began: October 8, 2020
Demolition Delay expires:  October 8, 2021

This circa 1828 half-Cape house is known as the Smith-Knowles House.  Its main entrance framed by pilasters, lintel shelf, and 5-pane transom window is a classic treatment for a Federal period Cape Cod dwelling. The building has 9/6 window sash and, on the east side, slanting shingled hoods over the first floor windows are an interesting turn-of-the-20th-century addition.

Contact:  Jay Camp, Chair, Eastham Historical Commission



20 Briar Lane, Wellfleet20 Briar Lane
Demolition Delay began:  April 8, 2020
Demolition Delay expires:  October 8, 2021

The building dates from the mid-1800s, likely circa 1850, and has architectural detailing linking it to both the Greek Revival and Gothic Revival architectural styles, including its main mass with side hall form, its steeply pitched roof with wide eaves, and its ornate door brackets. It is likely that additional architectural details such as corner boards and cornices are hidden under the existing synthetic siding.

Contact: Wellfleet Historical Commission,



68 Shell Drive, Chatham68 Shell Drive, Chatham
Demolition delay began: January 15, 2019
Delay period expires: July 8, 2020

The Solomon Howes House (circa 1700/1802) is a full Cape house with a full dormer and wings extending from the rear.  The earliest part of the house, probably built circa 1700 or before, is now a back ell.  It was once a complete house with its own beehive oven.  The full Cape house was added to the ell circa 1802 and became the main house.  The house is an unusually well preserved and detailed example of an early 18th century Cape dwelling. 
Contact: Michele Clarke, Historical Commission Staff Liaison
More information



356 Stage Harbor Road, Chatham

The George and Adelia Taylor House is a traditional 3/4 Cape house form built circa 1870 and later expanded with a front porch and one-story rear additions. See the attached historic inventory form for more information.

Demolition Delay voted June 19, 2018

Delay period expired: December 11, 2019



1 Harbor Street, Sandwich

SAVED: The building was purchased by preservation-minded buyers and will be restored.
More information

Mid 1850, mill building with detached garage, 964 sq ft, history unknown other than it is in the neighborhood of the former Sandwich Glass Factory.



18 Winsor Road, Cataumet18 Winsor Road, Cataumet
Demolition Delay began: January 8, 2019
Demolition Delay order removed: February 12, 2019 by vote of the Historical Commission 


353 South Orleans Rd (Present Day) 353 South Orleans Rd (Historic Photo)353 South Orleans Rd (Kenrick-Sparrow House)
LOST (Barn preserved for re-use): Delay Delay expired: Sept. 12, 2018

The house is known as the Kenrick House and as the Sparrow House, and is on the Town’s Historic Inventory on file with the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Our heritage in seafaring, agriculture, commerce, education, government, religion, and our outsized role in our nation’s wars are all ingrained within the walls of this house.

Longer description of historical significance



12 Ocean Bluff Lane, Truro12 Ocean Bluff Lane, Truro
LOST: The House was demolished
Delay Delay began: September 2017 (60-day delay)
Delay Delay expired: March 30, 2018

Interesting 1.5 story wood-framed summer cottage circa 1900 at 12 Ocean Bluff Lane in Truro, MA (Assessor’s Map 37, Parcel 6) being offered for removal by qualified interested parties. Must demonstrate intent to maintain structure at new site, ability to dismantle and transport from site, and adequate insurances against damage to site, road, property and persons. Being offered for a period of 60 days.  If removal of entire structure for re-use is not undertaken, then the structure will be available for responsible removal of salvage materials within the same time period for re-use in construction.  

Contact 508-834-7399 for more information.


271 Stage Harbor Road, Chatham271 Stage Harbor Road, Chatham
LOST: The house was demolished
Demolition Delay began: Dec. 6, 2017
Demolition Delay expired: May 30, 2018


76 Barcliff Avenue, Chatham76 Barcliff Avenue Chatham
LOST: The house was demolished 
Demolition Delay began: Aug. 18, 2015
Demolition Delay expired: Feb. 18, 2017


373-375 Bridge Street, Chatham373-375 Bridge Street, Chatham
LOST: The house was demolished 
Demolition Delay began: Feb. 16, 2016 (nine-month delay)
Demolition Delay expired: Nov. 16, 2016



Stage Harbor Road, ChathamStage Harbor Road 
Demolition Delay began: Jan. 14, 2010 (120-day delay)
Demolition Delay expired: May 2010 


Marchant House, HyannisportMarchant House, 2 Irving Avenue (off Marchants Mill Road), Hyannisport (MHC BRN 567) 
SAVED: Owner withdrew demolition plans and has reused the historic house



Josiah Handy House, CotuitJosiah Handy House, 35 Little River Road, Cotuit 
Demolition Delay began: May 12, 2009 (six-month delay)
Demolition Delay expired: November 2009 


271 Wianno Avenue, Osterville271 Wianno Avenue, Osterville
SAVED: Owner revised plans to preserve the historic building and design a new addition
Demolition Delay began: June 26, 2007 (six-month delay)
Demolition Delay expired: December 2007 


1465 Old Queen Anne Road, Chatham
LOST: The house was demolished
Demolition Delay began: June 12, 2007 (12-month delay)
Demolition Delay expired: June 12, 2008 



2684 Main Street, South Chatham2684 Main Street, South Chatham 
LOST: The house was demolished
Demolition Delay began: May 2007 (12-month delay)
Demolition Delay expired: May 2008 



330 Olde Homestead Drive, Marstons Mills330 Olde Homestead Drive, Marstons Mills
SAVED: An organization that creates working opportunities for persons with disabilities bought the property and uses it as a working farm
Demolition Delay began: December 6, 2006 (six-month delay)



40 Associates Road, Chapoquoit Island, Falmouth40 Associates Road, Chapoquoit Island, Falmouth
Demolition Delay expired: February 19, 2006



21 Crescent Avenue, Falmouth21 Crescent Avenue, Falmouth 
Demolition Delay expired: February 19, 2006



Demolition Delay began: September 13, 2005 (45-working-day delay)
Demolition Delay expired: November 19, 2005



2 Wyoming Avenue, Falmouth Heights2 Wyoming Avenue, Falmouth Heights (facing Grand Avenue)
LOST: The house was demolished in the fall of 2005 
Demolition Delay began: March 26, 2005
Demolition Delay expired: June 23, 2005



43 Morris Island Road, Chatham43 Morris Island Road, Chatham
LOST: The house was demolished, and it has been replaced with a much larger home
Demolition Delay began: November 30, 2004 (360-day delay)
Demolition Delay expired: November 25, 2005



81 Hitching Post Road, Chatham81 Hitching Post Road, Chatham
LOST: After serious efforts to find alternatives to demolition, the home was demolished and a larger home has replaced it
Demolition Delay began: November 30, 2004 (360-day delay)
Demolition Delay expired: November 25, 2005



19 Old Wharf Road, North Chatham19 Old Wharf Road, North Chatham
SAVED: The owners have agreed to save the original house, removing later ells and moving the original building elsewhere on the property to serve as a guest house. A new main house will be constructed on the property.



385 Mary Chase Road, Eastham385 Mary Chase Road
Demolition of the building expected in early April 2005



162 Shore Road, Chatham 
Demolition Delay began: September 9, 2004
Demolition Delay expired September 8, 2005
SAVED: The applicant withdrew the demolition proposal and instead submitted new plans for a modest addition



205 Associates Road, Chapoquoit, Falmouth205 Associates Road, Chapoquoit, Falmouth
SAVED: The building was moved by barge to North Falmouth, then cut into sections and moved by truck to a new site where it was reassembled



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