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Hyannis Courtyard Marriott Expansion (Limited DRI Scoping)

Project Applicant: Julia Hotel, LLC
Project Location: 707 Iyannough Road (Route 132), Hyannis, MA 
Project Description: Proposed construction of an approximately 31,470 square foot, two-story addition to the existing hotel. The addition is proposed in the northeast corner of the approximately 645-acre property and will accommodate 50 new hotel guest rooms. The project also includes reconfiguring the access/egress on the property's Route 132 frontage, changes to the front parking area, and constructing two new rows of parking to the rear (south) of the property. The project also includes new landscaping, stormwater improvements, pedestrian amenities and other site improvements. 

Physical project files are available for review at the Cape Cod Commission Office Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact the Front Desk for more information, 508-362-3828.

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457K pdf
Oct 16, 2017
LR17010 Hyannis Marriott DRI Scoping Dec 10-12-17
At its meeting on October 12, 2017, the full Commission held a hearing on the Project, and voted to adopt the draft DRI Scoping decision and find that …
5M pdf
Sep 20, 2017
2017-09-20-Hyannis Courtyard Marriott Expansion-Revised Planting Plans
dept/commission/team/Website_Resources/ProjectFiles/HyannisCourtyardMarriott/2017-09-20-Hyannis Courtyard Marriott Expansion-Revised Planting Plans.pdf
1M pdf
Sep 07, 2017
2017-08-25-Hyannis Courtyard Marriott Expansion-Final TR Proposal
3. Should the proposed R4‐7 (18” w x 24” hkeep right sign be amended to an R4‐7c narrow (18” w x 30”  hkeep right sign per the latest edition of the MUTCD
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