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Start Date: 2022


The Cape Cod Ponds Network was convened in 2022 in response to growing concern over the health of Cape Cod's 890 freshwater ponds. Coordinated through a collaboration between the Cape Cod Commission and Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC), the Network is targeted towards pond stewardship organizations, but meetings are open to any interested parties. The Pond Network includes more than 40 pond organizations. To join the Pond Network contact list, or learn more about APCC and its available resources, visit APCC's Cape Cod Ponds Network webpage

The primary goals of the Ponds Network are:

  1. Provide a single forum and meeting place for pond groups throughout the Cape Cod region
  2. Provide a venue for ongoing updates on pond topics of regional interest
  3. Help inform the Cape Cod Freshwater Initiative
  4. Help advance and implement pond improvement strategies and solutions identified through the Freshwater Initiative at the local level



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116K pdf
Nov 03, 2022
2022-11-07-Cape Cod Pond Network - Meeting 3 Agenda
Cape Cod Ponds Network Fall Quarterly Meeting – November 7, 2022 4:00 – 5:30 pm via Zoom Meeting Link: Meeting ID: 842 0985 8630 Phone
4M pdf
Aug 22, 2022
OneCape 2022 Day 2 - Pond Network Meeting
2 AUGUST 2022 | BREAKOUT SESSION Cape Cod Ponds Network Meeting PRESENTERS Kathleen Mason, Water Resources Analyst, Cape Cod Commission Tim Pasakarnis, Water Resources Analyst,
5M pdf
Aug 17, 2023
OneCape 2023 Day 2 Pond Network Meeting Slides
PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation 1 AUGUST 2023 | BREAKOUT SESSION This session is being recorded and will be made available on the OneCape website after the event.
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