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Start Date: 2019
Completion Date: 2019

Buzzards Bay Growth Incentive Zone Modification

Project Applicant: Town of Bourne
Project Location: Buzzards Bay, Bourne
Project Description: Town of Bourne Board of Selectmen requested a Minor Modification to the Buzzards Bay Growth Incentive Zone decision (Commission File No. 12010). 

Physical project files are available for review at the Cape Cod Commission Office Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact the Front Desk for more information, 508-362-3828.

Project Resources

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7M pdf
Jun 03, 2014
2012-04-26-Buzzards Bay GIZ Modification-Original Growth Incentive Zone Decision, 4-26-12
Buzzards Bay Growth Incentive Zone April 26, 2.012 Decision Page 1 of 22 The area proposed for GIZ designation is within a designated Economic Center …
77K pdf
Apr 23, 2019
2019-04-22-Buzzards Bay GIZ Modification-DRAFT Decision
4. By letter dated March 14, 2019, the Town of Bourne Selectboard requested a Minor Modification to the BBGIZ decision under Section 5 and said …
3M pdf
Mar 19, 2019
2019-03-14-Buzzards Bay GIZ Modification- Town of Bourne Request
dept/commission/team/Website_Resources/ProjectFiles/Buzzards Bay GIZ/2019-03-14-Buzzards Bay GIZ Modification- Town of Bourne Request.pdf … {90F6B503-B8EA-4728-A984-45A97518E5AA},2
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