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Bourne Integrated Solid Waste Facility, Bourne

Project Applicant: Town of Bourne
Project Location: 201 MacArthur Boulevard, Bourne, MA
Project Description: Proposed expansion of existing landfill operations onto a previously developed (up to approximately 9.82 acres) portion of the landfill for continued waste handling and storage capacity.  Phase 6 incorporates landfill lining, leachate collection and landfill gas management infrastructure. 

Physical project files are available for review at the Cape Cod Commission Office Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact the Front Desk for more information, 508-362-3828.

Project Resources

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161K pdf
Oct 09, 2018
2018-10-29 Bourne ISWM-Facility Phase 6 DRI Hearing
at the hearing, or delivered or mailed to the Cape Cod Commission, P.O. Box 226, 3225 Main Street, Barnstable, MA 02630 for receipt on or before the date of the hearing
52M pdf
Oct 01, 2018
2018-10-01-Bourne ISWMF-17024-DRI Application
dept/commission/team/Website_Resources/ProjectFiles/BourneISWM/2018-10-01-Bourne ISWMF-17024-DRI Application.pdf … {C130B123-62A6-42EF-9238-23527A5C4615},7
1M pdf
Jan 18, 2018
2018-01-12-Bourne ISWM-17024-NPC Certificate
dept/commission/team/Website_Resources/ProjectFiles/BourneISWM/2018-01-12-Bourne ISWM-17024-NPC Certificate.pdf … {E690375C-B103-48BC-983C-D0E2ADF6C991},7
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