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The BCCRS is a subcommittee of the Barnstable County Coastal Management Committee (BCCMC), established by a vote of the BCCMC on May 13, 2019, and appointed by the Barnstable County Commissioners in July 2019. The purpose of the BCCRS is to provide local perspective to the BCCMC on coastal resource management issues that Cape Cod communities face.

Initially formed in the mid-1990s to collaborate on coastal resource education and management, what was then called the Barnstable County Coastal Resources Committee met quarterly to talk about dredging, erosion and beach nourishment, stormwater management, and coastal water quality issues. The newly re-formed subcommittee’s mission is to share information and knowledge among the subcommittee members, and to identify and recommend resource management concerns and priorities to the BCCMC and the County Commissioners.


  • Nina Coleman
    Director of Natural Resources/Sandy Neck Park Manager
  • Sam Haines
    Bourne Conservation Agent
  • Chris Miller
    Director, Department of Natural Resources
  • Robert Duncanson, Ph.D.
    Director, Department of Natural Resources
  • Karen Johnson
    Director, Department of Natural Resources
  • Shana Brogan
    Conservation Agent
  • Jennifer McKay
    Conservation Administrator
  • Heinz Proft
    Director, Department of Natural Resources
  • Ashley Fisher
    Shellfish Constable
  • Vacant
  • Tim Famulare
    Conservation Agent
  • David Deconto
    Director, Department of Natural Resources
  • Hillary Greenberg-Lemos
    Conservation and Health Agent
  • Karl Von Hone
    Director, Department of Natural Resources
  • Jo Ann Muramoto, Ph.D.
    MassBays Regional Coordinator for Cape Cod region, APCC
  • Stephen McKenna
    At Large Member, Regional Coordinator, CZM Cape & Islands Region
  • Donald Liptack
    At-Large Member, Ret. NRCS Cape Cod Conservation District contractor


Project Resources

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142K pdf
Mar 26, 2020
Members BCCRS March 2020
Karen JohnsonEmily BeebeHillary Greenberg-LemosAd hoc (non-votingMassBays Regional Coordinator for Cape Cod, and APCC Director of Science Programs
1M pdf
Apr 28, 2021
2020-10-21-BCCRS Slides
This meeting is being held virtually as allowed by Governor Baker’s Executive Order Suspending certain provisions of the Open Meeting Law dated March 12, 2020
33K pdf
Mar 26, 2020
Other land uses may impact shellfish bedsNovember 2006 Page 6-15 CAPE COD WATER RESOURCES RESTORATION PROJECT Final Watershed PlanAreawide Environmental Impact Statement
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