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AGENDA: Barnstable County Economic Development Council


  1. Welcome from the Cape Cod Museum of Art
    Michael Rabideau, Director of Operations and Benton Jones, Director of Art will welcome participants to the meeting.
  2. Welcome and Opening Remarks
    Kristy Senatori, Executive Director, Cape Cod Commission, will share regional economic data and discuss Cape Cod’s unique economy, regional challenges, and economic development priorities.
  3. Strengths and Challenges in the Post-Pandemic Economy
    Mark Melnick, Director of Economic and Public Policy Research, UMass Donahue Institute, will provide an in-depth look at the state of the Massachusetts economy and how Cape Cod compares and contributes to it.
  4. Building and Sustaining Local Economies
    Kennedy Smith, Senior Researcher, Independent Business Initiative, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, will provide examples of how communities across the country are building and sustaining their local businesses and economies.
  5. Cape Cod’s Local Business Economy
    Paul Niedzwiecki, CEO, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, will discuss challenges faced by local businesses and opportunities to support the needs of essential and emerging industries and businesses moving forward.
  6. The Cape Cod Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (“CEDS”)
    Erin Perry, Deputy Director, Cape Cod Commission, will discuss the process for developing the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (“CEDS”) and share the draft CEDS vision and goals for Cape Cod for 2024.
  7. Guiding Strategy Development for the 2024 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Bert Talerman, Chair, Barnstable County Economic Development Council (BCEDC) and President, Cape Cod 5 will discuss the role of the Barnstable County Economic Development Council in the CEDS planning process and provide remarks on the key regional challenges and priorities for its development.
  8. Canal Bridges: Our Economic Connection
    Steven Tupper, Deputy Director, Cape Cod Commission, will discuss the impact of the Bourne and Sagamore bridges on the regional economy and efforts to date to support their replacement.
  9. Economic Opportunity in Massachusetts
    Yvonne Hao, Secretary, MA Executive Office of Economic Development, will highlight the Commonwealth’s recent economic development plan and opportunities for coordinating regional and state actions with the plan.
  10. Rethinking Cape Cod’s Economic Development Priorities
    Dan Wolf, Former State Senator and Founder, Cape Air, will reflect on the prior speakers’ remarks and discuss regional economic development priorities and opportunities to advance those priorities in the next 5 years.
  11. Lunch (Break)
  12. Identification of Actions for the 2024 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
    Attendees will be asked to identify and help define impactful actions that support achievement of the draft vision and goals of the 2024 Cape Cod Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

Reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities are available upon request. Please contact the Cape Cod Commission at (508)362-3828 at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting; for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) dial 711.

Caso estas informações sejam necessárias em outro idioma, por favor, contate o Coordenador de Título VI pelo telefone (508)744-1299 or Para serviços de retransmissão de telecomunicações, disque 711.

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