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LIVE NOW: OneCape Summit August 23-24, 2021


The seventh annual OneCape Summit will be held virtually August 23-24, 2021. 

This year, OneCape will focus on the critical challenges of water quality, climate change, and housing. Over the course of two days, sessions will cover strategies to address marine and freshwater quality, work to mitigate and adapt to climate-related impacts in the region, local and regional strategies to support housing needs, and building resilience within our natural, built, and community systems in a post-COVID economy. 
The OneCape Summit is a regional forum for collaboration, innovation, and excellence across major policy issues and areas. From work to advance regional water quality to tackling issues of coastal resiliency and infrastructure planning, we convene together as one Cape to address the most critical issues related to Cape Cod’s unique environment and economy. 
We hope you will be able to join us this year, whether it be in person or online, to continue collaborating on solutions for our greatest regional challenges. 
Join the livestream at

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